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You are correct...
I believe this theory was proven years ago in an experiment by the
NMB (National Muf Bureau). They found that at the beginning of
ARRL Sweepstakes, the MUF results equaled approximately 
400 sunspots. This is because SS is localized to the USA and
there are approximately 3000 Alpha amps all transmitting 
simultaneously. This is at least 9 million watts of power all being
transmitted into the ionosphere. (3000 amps x 3000 watts ea).
This is known inside the NMB as The Alpha Effect. The giant RF
wavefront causes their instrumentation to burn out and for that
reason, during SS everything is turned off and no readings are taken.
Muf personnel usually take that time for conferences in the 
Barbados with the General Accounting Office personel.

Also,  this theory was established as a fact by 73 Magazine
publisher Wayne Green in the August 1973 issue. 

73, Art  W6KY

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Your statement "...I am beginning to wonder if poorer SSN but a more stable
Sun is better than higher SFI..." begs the answer that if more hams
participated in a contest, the energy imparted upon the ionosphere by the
contester's activity, would alleviate the unsettled sun condition.

73 de NN3V

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Makrothen RTTY Contest Call: WN6K
Operator(s): WN6K
Station: WN6K Class: SO/Single Xcvr LP
QTH: Vista, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 18 Summary: Band  QSOs
------------ 80:    4 40:   79 20:  118 15:  113 10:   30
Total:  344  Total Score = 1,460,341 Club: Southern California Contest Club
Comments: Ever try to skip a rock across the Brea Tar Pits?  It won't
happen...that is
what it felt like doing this contest with no relief from the High A index. I
beginning to wonder if poorer SSN but a more stable Sun is better than
SFI. For score wise, this one boosts your early ego as they add the kM
maidenhead points - so it was fairly easy to get to 1M+ but if you couldn't
find any DX, it took a lot longer to get the totals up. The DX was sparse
here in the lower corner of the Left Coast and I was
disappointed to work so few JAs - especially Saturday/Sunday morning. The
other unique feature of this contest was it's division of 3 distinct
periods with everyone being off at the same time. Good for resting - but
the last two hours brought ANYTHING of value of the last eight hour session.
K1SFA (she works at the League) was my only ALL-BANDS contact and when I
her up on QRZ, it shows that she is an accomplished RTTY contester. Thanks
for all the Q's WN6K, Paul
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