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Marty Woll n6vi at socal.rr.com
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Hi, Clay, and welcome to SoCal!

This extract from Title 28 of the Santa Barbara municipal code may help:

28.87.260 Antenna Height Limitation. 

A.     Basic Height Limitation. Except as otherwise conditionally permitted herein, no radio, television or other antenna or mast or related screening shall be permitted if at the highest point the height above grade is more than 45 feet in any one-family or two-family residence zone, 55 feet in any multiple-family residence, office, restricted or limited commercial zone or 70 feet in any other commercial, commercial-manufacturing or limited manufacturing zone.

B.     Exceptions. Permitted exceptions to height limits:

1.     Amateur or Citizen’s Band Antennas. Amateur or Citizen’s Band transmitting or receiving antennas used in the Amateur Radio Service or the Citizen’s Radio Service by licensed amateur or citizen’s band radio operators may exceed the basic height limitation provided that:

a.      No antenna tower shall extend to a height above grade of more than 65 feet in any residential, office, restricted or limited commercial zone or 100 feet in any other commercial or manufacturing zone.

b.     No antenna support which is not a tower or part of a tower shall be installed and thereafter maintained whose height above grade is more than 45 feet unless such support is a part of an approved structure or a naturally existing object.


Marty N6VI

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I just moved to the SCCC zone and was wondering if any club members had
experience putting up antennas in the City of Santa Barbara or could
recommend someone local I should talk to about this.  I know Fred K1VR
personally from my days in MA but hoped to collect some local info first
before giving him billable hours....😀

I live in on a 50x150’ lot in an older neighborhood with no HOA (!) and was
hoping to put up verticals or a mast for dipoles on my flat second story
roof.  If the local building code permits more than this, I hope to put up
a small beam at some point.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Clayton Nall
Work: (650) 725-4076
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