[SD-User] CW Sending

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Sun Aug 3 19:13:06 EDT 2003

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From: "GW3SB" <gw3sb at gw3sb.free-online.co.uk>

> I have been using SD V10.02 for the ROPOCO Contest and have
> necountered difficulties.  First of all the sending was very
> much faster than it had been set for.

The CALIBRATE cammand should correct any speed problems.  If
you switch between running DOS and WIN versions, you may have
to use the CALIBRATE command exch time.  I think that I'll
probably add a separate calibration factor in SDCONFIG.TXT
for Windows (the SDKEYCAL parameter).

> Secondly, I found the sending erratic and, eventually,
> gave a constant key down.

I wouldn't expect the keying from SD/WIN to be more
erratic than that from SD/DOS when used in the Windows
environment.  I'd be interested to hear if others are
having this problem.  In any case, this is why I support
WinKey in SD/WIN - it removes all timing issues due to
Windows doing "its own thing".

> This is the first contest for which I have tried using
> the Windows version and I am not happy with it

In the circumstances, it's best to stay with SD/DOS.  I've
developed SD/WIN because SD/DOS will not run (at all) on
many laptops using WinXP.

Paul EI5DI

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