[SD-User] Re SD 15.56 & K3

Vince Lewis comms.ci at btinternet.com
Sun Jan 8 12:12:47 PST 2012

Reference the problem of my K3 always being keyed but no TX output with the Latest SD version.

Thanks to Paul the solution is .I quote from Paul:


"When you enable rig control, SD supplies a voltage on one of the serial port pins which can be used to power external level converters, and your rig is seeing this as a PTT On signal."


"Please use the SHARE command (to share rig-control and keying on one serial port) and the problem should go away.  Depending on your style of operating with the K3, you might want to disable PTT control from SD - with the PTTOFF command."


I can confirm that using the 'Share Command' the problem has gone away.

Remember I am using a laptop that does not have a serial port fitted so having to utilising a USB/Serial converter unit.

As Mike VP8NO said, using a straight serial cable there is no problem.


My sincere thanks to you Paul.




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