[SECC] Rules Changes for GQP

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 6 14:02:06 EST 2007

I had overlooked that the rules would allow multiplier credit for DXCC 
countries as well as states and provinces.  I think that is always a bad 
idea for state QSO parties because it encourages GA stations to operate 
high bands and work DX and keeps them off the bands where they will work 
other US and Canadian participants, which are the majority of our 
participants.  If you must allow DXCC countries as mults, allow only the 
first two or five and not an unlimited number.

I always remember a New Hampshire QSO party where one of the big NH DX 
stations was on 20 meters in the NH QSO Party working only DX and 
leaving me angry and frustrated.  That was something like W1OHA, but it 
has been a long time and I probably didn't get it exactly right.  I have 
seen many reports of state QSO parties where in-state DXers made high 
scores by working DX and I never heard them or had an opportunity to 
work them.  Almost everybody they were working wasn't interested in the 
QSO party and didn't submit a score.

The DX multiplier has a tendency to really detract from a State QSO Party.


John, K4BAI.

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