[SECC] Announcement: RAC Winter Contest This Saturday

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Mon Dec 12 07:05:40 PST 2011

Just a reminder that the 2011 edition of the Radio Amateurs of Canada -
Canada Winter Contest will run from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC on December 17, 2011.
All amateur radio operators are invited and welcome to participate.

In addition to the contest rules posted at
t_Rules_English_and_French.pdf this year we will run a trial of a new "team"
category.  There will be no formal awards, plaques or certificates for this
trial category, although the results will be included in the contest result
write-up - so please send in some details of your team operation.
Individual operators for the team category will still be eligible for awards
in their base category (i.e.: SOABLP, SOABHP, SOAB-QRP, SOSB, SOAB-CW,
SOAB-Phone).  To be eligible for individual awards for team members,
individual team member logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format, noting the
appropriate base category.

Team Competition: You may wish to form a team with fellow RAC Winter Contest
participants. If so, your team must consist of 2 to 5 single operator
stations (either QRP, low or high power, single mode, single band - any mix)
whose individual scores are combined to produce a "team score".  Although
large clubs or other ad-hoc groups having more than 5 members may form
multiple teams, there is no distance or "club" meeting requirements for a
team entry.  Teams may be from anywhere in or across the world.  Teams must
be registered prior to the start of the contest.  Please register before the
start of the contest with the name of the team and the call signs used by
each of the members on the team.  Remember there is a maximum of 5 members
per team.  Please register by email to canadawinter at rac.ca

There is no robot to immediately acknowledge registration of your team,
however I will do my best to reply manually via e-mail.  Please send your
registration emails early.




RAC Canada Winter Contest Manager

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