[SEDXC] Building Permits for Tower Bases

JT Croteau jt.w6fo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 13:29:35 EDT 2006

On 8/23/06, Carl <carl at wb4znh.com> wrote:
> A 16 foot turning radius is NOT a very large turning radius.


I could put the center of the tower smack dab in the center of the
back yard where my HF2V is currently.  The YL will not like it there
but I probably would not have any set-back issues nor boom length
issues.  However, I may have to fall a tree or two to accomodate a
decent turning radius.  The YL may not like this, unless one
accidentally falls or gets struck by lightning while she is out of
town. *wink*

A couple people, actually quite a few surprisingly, have recommended
just putting it up without going through the hassle of getting a
permit.  However, I am going to do this by the book.  I have one
neighbor behind me who is a crotchety old woman and hates everyone in
the neighborhood.  Chances are pretty good that she'd complain if she
noticed it.   I want to make sure I have proper ammunition if she does
raise a stink. My other two immediate neighbors to the left and right,
nor the one directly across the street, would not complain.  One is a
real good friend, one is a renter, and the other is a registered child
molester.  The child molester knows I have contacts within Canton PD
and Cherokee Sheriff's department.  *grin*

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