[SEDXC] 3Y0X QSL Stats

JT Croteau jt.w6fo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 15:36:02 EDT 2006

I was just perusing the Peter One site and noticed an update from N2OO
dated today:

"After a couple of weeks of taking a little vacation from QSL work, we
held a team QSL session at our SJDXA meeting last night in order to
start processing the multi-call cards.  These are the requests
received for multiple calls in the same envelope (such as 3YØX, CEØZ
and/or XR9A)."

N2OO continues:

"Today, we placed 23 pounds of "mixed call" cards in the mail.  This
brings us to 525 pounds of 3YØX-XR9A-CEØZ QSL mail sent to-date. We
have now confirmed 40,768 QSOs, or 47% of ALL QSO's made by 3YØX.  We
also processed 283 SWL reports.  I estimate that we have now answered
nearly all requests received through the end of May."

phew.  They still have a ways to go it looks like.  Seeing as how I
mailed my request late last week, I probably won't see a card til the
beginning of the year.  *laugh*

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