[SEDXC] FW: Topband: Router Birdie Problem solved!

Robert Carroll w2wg at comcast.net
Thu Feb 21 23:04:03 EST 2008

Since I am afflicted with burbling router-generated birdies I have not been
able to get rid of, this message was useful to me.  Maybe it will be helpful
to some of you.

Bob W2WG

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I am so elated and thankful to Larry W7IUV.  He has solved the serious 
birdie problem for me!  Here is what he told me to do.

"Is your ethernet connection between the router and the computer set for 
100bT or 10Bt? If it is set for 100 MHz (or auto select),  go into your 
device manager and change the network interface card to manually select 
10bT, 10 MHz speed. That usually fixes most of my problems with routers."

I read this and thought that is to easy!!! but I did it and instantly my 
  birdies went away!  With three computers running I had about 100 
birdies on the bands from 160M-10M.  I now have "ZERO"!!!!  I can see no 
difference on my internet speed at 10BaseT using DSL which would be what 
I expected.

Based on Larry's recommendation I chose full duplex rather than half 
duplex as it works fine here.

Here is Larry's explanation to me:

"The 100bT speed is clocking at very high speeds and the rise
time of the clock signals is very fast. Any fast rise time data/clock
will produce harmonics and mixes of those harmonics all over the
spectrum. The 10bT clock is slower and therefor generates less crap.
It's not guaranteed to eliminate everything all the time, but it sure helps.

Simple, but for some reason nobody thinks about it. I have posted this
info all over the place dozens of times and it just doesn't stick so I
don't post it publicly any more.

BTW, ferrites can't possibly work in this situation, the common mode
impedances are all wrong."

73, Larry

For me it totally cured the problem.  It is just amazing.  Set it to 
10baseT and the birdies go away.  Set it back to 100baseT and the 
birdies are back.  I had a horrible birdie right in the DX window on 160 
meters and now it is totally gone and the other approximately 99 are gone!

If this does not cure your problem enough to satisfy you based on a lot 
of input from people on the reflector going wireless has worked well for 
them.  The is a simplest and good solution if you have a good wireless 
router connection.  Wireless distance has gotten a lot greater over the 
years and interference issues with cordless telephones seem to be pretty 
well resolved.  Obviously you should be sure to secure the connection.

Again all the credit goes to Larry W7IUV for the best solution for my 
situation.  Thanks to all that replied it is greatly appreciated.


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