[SEDXC] Bruce Butler - W6OSP SK

BLamboley at aol.com BLamboley at aol.com
Thu Jan 16 22:02:38 EST 2014

Yet another blow to ham radio.  I am truly sorry to report the  following 
announcement from Rusty Epps, W6OAT.   
"I am sad to report that Bruce W. Butler,  W6OSP, became a Silent Key on 
January 16, 2014. 
Bruce originally was licensed as W5PXN in New Mexico in 1950. Upon  moving 
to Southern California in the early 1970’s, Bruce changed his callsign to  
W6OSP and activated that callsign in Napa, CA in the mid-1980’s. 
In 1990, Bruce joined the Board of the Northern California DX  Foundation 
as its Treasurer, and served as the Foundation’s President from 2009  until 
his retirement at the end of 2011. Bruce was a member and past President  of 
the Redwood Empire DX Club, and a member of both the Northern California DX  
Club and the Northern California Contest Club. He also was a 50 plus year 
member  of the American Radio Relay League. 
Bruce operated from a number of DX entities including 3B9, 4O, A6,  KH8, 
H40, HV, KH4, PJ7 and ZF. 
Working with Bruce in the NCDXF was a real pleasure for me. His  energy was 
boundless and he was always looking for ways to help activate those  “most 
needed” entities. Amateur radio, and the DX community in particular, has  
lost a champion; I have lost a great friend. 
Rusty Epps, W6OAT 
President,  NCDXF"

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