[Skimmertalk] Skimmer antennas

k3mm at verizon.net k3mm at verizon.net
Sat Dec 24 08:44:52 PST 2011

I think the skimmer density in a lot of areas has reached a point where you arent going to be finding anything new by putting up a broadband vertical. It's extremely rare when I find spots that either W3LPL (12 miles away) or any of the PA-based skimmers dont find. I dont have a separate skimmer antenna...I use my transmit arsenal (such as it is) and just about everything is directional. I typically run a short NE (EU) beverage on the lower bands and a tribander at 72 or 110 feet for 20 and up. Lately, I've taken to spotting only 40 thru 10 including the WARC bands, and I typically point the tribander over the north pole or some other less travelled direction. I go for quality, not quantity.  I sometimes change the formula to benefit a specific contest.  For US-based CW contest weekends, I'll point everything west, etc.  If it's a weekend I happen to be operating in the contest, I tap into the RX loop of each radio using a high-impedance input preamp after a RX limiter.  That way I dont have to worry about blowing anything up.


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