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A new sunspot group has emerged near N26E51. It has the latitude of a solar 
cycle 24 sunspot group but a magnetic signature of a solar cycle 23 sunspot 
group. It remains to be seen if it survives long enough for NOAA/SWPC to 
assign it a number, which would be #10115.

Also here is a blurb borrowed from http://www.spaceweather.com

DEEP SOLAR MINIMUM: Where have all the sunspots gone? As of yesterday, March 
21st, the sun has been blank on 85% of the days of 2009. If this rate of 
spotlessness continues, 2009 will match 1913 as the blankest year of the 
past century. A flurry of new-cycle sunspots in Oct. 2008 prompted some 
observers to declare that solar minimum was ending, but since then the calm 
has returned. We are still in the pits of a deep solar minimum.

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