[NZ4O Spaceweather] Will Reconsider

Jim Lee jtlmd at blackhole.com
Mon Jan 18 06:42:12 PST 2010


I have been a ham for 52 years.  I used your service multiple times and, like others who have posted e-mails here, I found it to be an excellent resource.  I do have a question that will seem naive:

Is there not some way to run your internet site so that it cannot be "hacked" ?

I hope that you will reconsider your plan to cancel the service.


James T. Lee, MD

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> Guys and Gals I have received over 400 emails asking me to reconsider the 
> cancelling of my propagation forecasts and solar cycle 24 updates. So I will 
> do just that reconsider between today and Friday.
> However if my web pages get hacked again I just don't have the fortitude to 
> restore it all. At this moment I have not restored the 520 previous
> propagation forecasts. Then there is also the dozens of web pages having 
> nothing to do with ham radio, terrestrial weather and space weather.
> I do know the source of the web page cracking/hacking, it is not being done 
> by a ham. But that still leaves harassment by mentally ill hams, which 
> really upset my XYL.
> 73, GUD DX,
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