[NZ4O Spaceweather] Solar Indices On The Rise

Thomas F. Giella NZ4O thomasfgiella at verizon.net
Wed Jun 15 06:48:10 PDT 2011

Per my expert forecast yesterday morning, this morning UTC the daily sunspot 
number (SSN) increased to 48 (a 32.0 point increase) and the daily solar 
flux index (SFI) increased to 101.0 (a 11.1 point increase). The upward 
trend in the indices is underway once again and the they should continue to 
do so for the next seven days. The daily solar flux (SFI) should peak at 
~120 by June 22, 2011 with a corresponding rise in the daily sunspot number 

The jump in the indices occurred thanks to recurrent sunspot group #11236 
(old #11062) located near N17E64, which rose above the eastern limb of the 
sun yesterday evening UTC. It is a large sunspot group with a twisted 
beta-delta magnetic signature capable of M class solar flares and isolated X 
class solar flares.

As a reminder solar, space and geomagnetic weather goings on can be found in 
archived everyday at http://www.solarcycle24data.org .

For forecasts of solar space and geomagnetic storming as well as HF/6M 
radiowave propagation forecasts you can subscribe at 
http://www.solarcycle24.org .

73 & GUD DX,
Thomas F. Giella, NZ4O
Lakeland, FL, USA
nz4o at arrl.net

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