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For Tuesday February 26, 2013

Solar activity is low as far as the emergence of the number of new sunspot 
groups. Currently there are 2 new un-numbered sunspot groups and 3 existing 
numbered sunspot groups.

Solar activity is moderate as far as the number of solar flares, 8 occurred. 
The largest solar flare in magnitude was a very small in size B6.8, which 
occurred at approximately S13W71 and associated with sunspot group #11673.

The daily solar flux index (SFI) has been below 100 for 4 consecutive days, 
currently (NOAA) at 99.2.

The daily sunspot number (SSN) has been below 100 for 6 consecutive days, 
currently (NOAA) at 49.

The geomagnetic field has been inactive for 3 consecutive days with the Kp 
(planetary) index in the 0-2 range, which is quiet geomagnetic conditions. 
As collected by Potsdam Germany WDC the 3 hour Kp (planetary) intervals were 
12111121. As collected by NOAA/SWPC the 3 hour Kp (planetary) intervals were 

The Dst ranged between 10 and -13.

Via SOHO and sollen.info the maximum and minimum solar wind values were 

Via NOAA the maximum background x-ray solar flux value was B1.8.

Via NOAA the energetic proton flux has reached threshold (10+0) which 
creates D layer RF signal absorption on high and mid latitude radio wave 
propagation paths on the sun lit side of the planet. On the dark side of the 
planet signal absorption at high latitudes continues.

For the latest solar, space & geomagnetic weather data go to 
http://www.wcflunatall.com/nz4o2.htm . For an explanation of how the above 
indices affect MF, HF and VHF radio wave propagation go to 
http://www.wcflunatall.com/nz4o5.htm .

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