Computer interface

Gordon Hamilton VE7ON
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 22:57:22 -0800

Hi everyone, 

I have been trying to hook up my Omni VI to use both the computer interface
(25 pin connector) and the remote tuning unit (model 301) both at the same
time.  The manual says to use a "Y" adapter.  Well I don't know about
Tennasee but there is no such animal around here.  Not giving up I built
one out of do it yourself DB 25 connectors and lots of patients.  Well of
course it didn't work.  I tested my adapter very carefully and am sure it's
right.  With further resurch I find that both functions share pin 6.  The
computer works fine with or without the "Y" installed but the 301 only works
if the computer serial cable is disconnected.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

73 and Merry Christmas

Gord, VE7ON

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