[TenTec] Centurion Amp?

Phil Sikes psikes@whidbey.net
Tue, 20 May 1997 11:44:18 -8

Hi guys and gals. I am looking at amps now and was wondering if any 
of you out there in Ten Tec land are using the Centurion. It sure 
would look nice next to my Omni VI +, but how well does it work. I am 
also considering the Alpha 91B but it is quite a bit more expensive 
than the Centurion. I sure wouldn't mind saving almost $1000 if the 
Ten Tec amp is up to snuff. OBTW, I love my Omni VI+ more every day, 
what a great receiver and still getting great reports on CW and SSB.

Thanks for the comments that I know will come pouring in..

73 - Phil
Phil Sikes - KJ7NS
ARCI #9196 - QRP-L #528
FISTS #2602 - NW QRP #412

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