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At 01:38 PM 3/27/98 EST, ARDUJENSKI wrote:
>In the discussions on the DELTAs I may have missed it but has any one a
>recommendation of the Jones Filter in the "II" vs the standard ones in the
>"I"? I am interested primarily form the CW aspect. Thanks Alan KB7MBI
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Alan, I have the Delta II here as well as being a past Delta 580 owner for
many years.  I won't say that 
the Jones filter is any better in the II as with fixed filters in the 580.
But I will say that the Jones is not 
too bad.  Puck, W4PM laid it out for you in his message but I will add that
I am very pleased with
the Delta II and the Jones filtering.  You have to remember that you get
what you pay for.  The delta
II's go for about $800 on the used market as compaired to the Omni 6 with
nearly or more than twice
that much.  Either way you go (delta I or II),  I think you would be
happier with the filtering of the I over
the II but the features of the II are much nicer than the I.  Guess you
would have to make that call.
I have had 3 580's and only one Delta II but so far, I find myself making
more contacts on the Delta II
than my Omni.  
	If you are going to contest, then go with the Omni.  If you just want to
chew the rag on 40 cw,
then hey, the Delta II is a nice way to go.  Many contacts with mine and
very good reports on both
sides of the rig.  The Delta II is a very nice all around rig that has the
features of many of the modern
new Jap rigs out there but stays simple with Ten Tec features (very
straight forward and easy to use).
QSK is outstanding and cw only op, I can say that the Delta II will shine
in many ways.  Good luck ,
and if you have any specific questions, then let me know.....Steve......NW9G

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