[TenTec] Re: Yay! oh and by the way

Dan tacquire@earthlink.net
Sat, 07 Oct 2000 18:57:31 -0700

I didn't mention I had to cut it short(bout 10 minutes) because my ancient straight
key came off it's mounts right in the middle of sending!!  Needless to say I was
not calm.  I managed to aligator clip out a final signal, reporting my trouble and
wishing my contact 73 :)

Dan wrote:

>     Just made my first contact with my little tentec 1320 qrp rig!!!!  I
> realigned it the other day knowing that I must be transmitting off of what my
> receive was since I was not making any contacts,,, and sure enough now it's
> fixed !  Heard ww7x in tucson arizona at about 6:30 pm pst and gave him a call.
> He came right back with a rst of 549 :))  VFO drift was creating a bit of a
> problem and each time I adjusted I worried that I'd lose him.  The vfo coil is
> sealed in wax but I guess things had to warm up so to speak.  My output was
> right at about 2 watts as read on the ohr meter and his output was 90.  He had
> no trouble copying.  Sorry all, just had to share my joy a bit :)  Pretty happy
> with my 2 watts at a few hundred miles :))  (I'm outside Visalia Ca, south of
> Fresno)
> 73
> Dan

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