[TenTec] FW: 565 Orion v2.0 firmware released to beta

Kc9cdt@aol.com Kc9cdt at aol.com
Thu Aug 25 22:18:38 EDT 2005

Excellent, Thank You for the response.
I guess that puts all the XX to rest.

Now, let's let all of the outstanding, volunteers do there thing to get V2 to 
be the best it can be for all of us with the wonderful Orion (I)!

I am in the SW business, and I guarantee you it is not trivial to be a good 
member of a Beta test group (Alpha test also)

I for one believe Scott at TT is being straight with us on the Orion I being 
able to do what is expected of it 'with' the original HW.

Just an opinion, however I believe TT is in a much better position now to get 
the Orion issues solved than ever before.

By the way, I have a Nov 2003, Orion, running 1.371, just works great, 
Yes, I know there is some things that will be better with V2, Wonderful!

What a great Radio.... And finally, a RCVR that is better than a Full 
Sherwood Modified Drake R-4C! (Done right) But of course I still love my R-4C and 
still use it often!


Lee, KC9CDT (Formally WA8OJC)

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