[TenTec] RE: [Orion] Orion subreceiver

Tom Whiteside tomw at ecpi.com
Wed Jan 5 10:16:17 EST 2005

>The subreceiver has a 1st i.f. of 45Mhz and a 2nd i.f. of 450Khz and lacks
the provision for a narrow >roofing filter.  It was never intended to be a
competition grade receiver.  I wish there was an extra cost >option to
upgrade it to main rx performance, but I'm not sure if many others feel the
same way.
>Barry N1EU

Me too on wishing you could add a roofing filter on the sub rx.   I also has
a preamp that stays on.   I've had folks over in contests that have
commented on how incredibly clean the main rx is versus the sub rx which
sounds more like a front end they are used to hearing on their rigs in
contest conditions.  This comparison has sold more than one Orion!   So
maybe it is a good marketing tool <grin>.

I tend to put Beverages on the sub rx and my transmit antenna on the main
when doing the diversity thing - the lower signal level lessens the effect
of limitations on the sub rx.

Tom Whiteside
N5TW Georgetown, TX

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