[TenTec] Transverter Kits

Martin AA6E aa6e at ewing.homedns.org
Tue May 1 13:50:22 EDT 2007

What kind of performance is important to you?  See 
http://www.elecraft.com/XV/XV.htm for some details.  NF ~= 0.8 dB isn't 
bad.  Your antennas and feedlines will determine your results.  The case 
looks nice, and the lights are pretty. ;-)

My main criticism (esp. on 2M) is that the oscillator is pretty simple. 
  It's just a crystal without any trim capability.  There is a $45 oven 
option that probably helps, but they don't specify stability or 
accuracy.  So if you're doing EME or something where frequency really 
matters, you need to provide some kind of external calibration.

This thread is becoming OT, but these are the same questions TT would 
have to deal with if they were going to be back in that market.  People 
want very high performance and very cheap price, and the market is 
pretty small!

73 Martin AA6E

Neal Campbell K3NC wrote:
> While low cost is always an option, if I am going to get into VHF/ 
> UHF, I would prefer high performance with moderate cost. Is the  
> Elecraft transverters high performance? I have always assumed that  
> SSB was the best but they are much more expensive than the Elecraft  
> ones.
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