[TenTec] Orion I, 2.060b, raspy audio?

Ken Brookner kenb at brookner.com
Tue May 1 21:38:18 EDT 2007

anyone else noticing harsh, raspy audio with the 2.060b firmware update.  my
orion sounds fine on the 1.x firmware as well as the previous 2.x release.
however, with this release the audio is raspy on the highs, especially
noticeable on noise, but also on voice peaks.  it's present in the speaker
(internal and several external) and headphones.  not so noticeable with cw
(other than the sidetone clicks in the headphones).

slow AGC seems to give me the best audio and i can change the RX EQ to roll
off the highs, but it's not right.

master and battery resets make no difference.

anyone else?  did i miss something on the list about this?


kenb, ky5g

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