[TenTec] Funny SWR Meter on Omni VII?

Allan H. Kaplan w1ael at arrl.net
Sun May 20 11:11:13 EDT 2007

When you key up without talking, you put a very small amount of RF out 
and get some reflected power back.  The response of the Rorward and 
Reverse detectors in the SWR circuitry and the granularity of the analog 
to digital conversion in the metering circuitry and firmware must 
combine to give you this "funny indication", which goes away as soon as 
you talk and give the radio enough RF to work the metering properly.  
NOT A PROBLEM, just a limitation of the design in an anomolous 
situation.  Hope this helps.
73 Om de W1AEL, Allan.  (retired from Ten-Tec)

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