[TenTec] Paragon Problem gets very odd

wade staggs tvman1954 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 10:51:47 PDT 2012

*                That cap could have been breaking down under load. You
could have bad connections. I would look at ALL of the connections very
closely. Maybe, it saw you Armed with the proper service info and you
scared it into working ;) I am really glad that you are on the air. If, it
fails again, shake the service manual at it and give it a good cursing. You
may need to scare it some more.. Just Joking...*
*                                                    73 de Wade/KJ4WS*

On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Ben Hall <kd5byb at kd5byb.net> wrote:

> Morning all,
> An update.  So I got the power amp out of the Paragon, took it all
> apart, and inspected it.  I found no obvious damage - no swollen caps,
> no burn marks, etc...
> I did remove C25 (which was a 33uF, 35V, 105 deg C unit) and couldn't
> find a replacement in my supply.  C25 tested fine.  I ran it up to
> nearly 30 VDC and it did not short, did not leak, etc...
> But I could find nothing wrong, so I put it back together minus C25.
> With just the power amp on the bench, I hooked up 13.8VDC to the red lead.
> Everything was fine.  No power draw.  (insert head scratching here)
> So I put it back into the radio, hook up the RF output.  Apply power.
> No power draw on the red wire into the power amp.
> So I reattached the blue "11" plug and repeat.  No power draw.
> So I reattached the RF Input and repeat.  No power draw.
> So at this point, everything is hooked up minus the red power wire.  So
> I resolder it to the power board and apply power to the radio.
> It POWERS UP FINE.  Hooked it up to the dummy load, hooked up my mic,
> and it makes output power just fine.  Voice peaks into the dummy load
> easily hit nearly 100W.
> SoooOOOOooo!  I am now totally confused as to what's going on.  Best I
> can figure was maybe a loose connection from the bias board to the power
> amp?  VERY ODD.
> I am ordering some replacement caps from Mouser - will replace that 33uF
> and the 10uF ones with 50VDC, 105 deg C replacements...
> thanks much and 73,
> ben, kd5byb
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