[TenTec] Update by John Henry

John Henry jshenry1963 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 20:47:24 EDT 2015

I'm sending this to let people understand a bit better my position,
what I'm doing, etc. Have had a ton of emails and a few reflector
queries, so, thought I'd address them all at once, clear the air, so
that people can get back to the intent of these groups and talk about
TEN-TEC, how does the xyz gizmo work, when is the Orion III coming
out, etc.

I am doing contract software development and software project
management in the evenings. I am commuting to a company in another
town in TN for my main income and benefits and did elect to join them
as a full time employee. The jobs I am taking on will help give me
experience in areas that I want to learn and grow in that I could not
get at RKR Designs. Needless to say, I am busy from 7am until 10/11pm
every weekday, and then enjoying the weekends with my lovely wife and
my family.

One of the contracting efforts is for Ham Radio Deluxe. I'm trying to
resolve problems, add new digital modes, etc.  A couple of the reasons
I chose HRD are the very same reasons I chose TEN-TEC years ago. The
tradition of the products/service/company, and I think I can make a
positive contribution. Simon HB9DRV created a heck of a product that
served this hobby very well for many years, and Rick Ruhl W4PC and
partners seem to want to continue on and make it better. Time will
tell how this all works out.

Some of the contract jobs may give me a reason to go to Dayton and
other hamventions, so, who knows, you may see me there plugging
something new, changes or updates to HRD, etc.

I wish TEN-TEC all the success in the world, this was not a negative
departure, but a positive one for myself and my family. Remember the
saying that is very applicable here.... "One person does not a company
make".... Me leaving there does not spell doom and disaster for
TEN-TEC. For example, as of the date I left, it is no secret, I
disclosed this at Dayton and in various forums, there was an Orion II
firmware update in progress, I was helping coordinate the software
change and the beta test activity, but I was not the one making the
actual software changes. So, hopefully that is still in process. My
absence should not affect that effort and the only difference in the
end may be TEN-TEC releases it as a .ruf file instead of an installer,
well, no big deal, download the previous installer, this new ruf, and
program your 566 selecting this ruf file. Simple. When necessary,
TEN-TEC can get software subcontractors to handle firmware updates or
to work on new product software. So, my leaving only gives them an
interesting bump in the road, not something to yell the sky is falling
about. They will survive, they have since 1968.

Regarding LinkedIn and FaceBook, wow, I have had about 175 requests
for LI and 50 new for FaceBook since MONDAY this week, argh. Please,
don't be offended if I say no, I only accept those that I know of or
worked with/through/acquaintances personally. FaceBook is mainly
family and VERY close friends so only a few will get accepted there,
and LI is for those that I have had working working relationships
with, not casual "howdy's" at hamfests.

I do intend to once in a while check the reflectors and groups and
where I can answer something positively to help, but don't expect me
to be there every day and answer asap as some people expect. I'm quite
busy with this new schedule.

I wish you all well, I have enjoyed all of the "going's ons" on the
reflectors, the phone calls, the hamfests, etc. Do feel free to push
the above text around to whatever reflector you want, please keep it
in tact because excerpts can be misinterpreted, as there is nothing
ulterior or negative meant in any of this. I have never been that way.
I'll post this to the Yahoo Groups TEN-TEC group, and the
lists.contesting.com reflector, but that is all from me for now.

So, please drop the speculation of "the sky is falling" around
TEN-TEC, as far as I know, it is going to make it another 40+ years.
And, now I can join the crowd asking when the Orion III will be ready.
hi hi hi. (No, not stating TT was working on anything when I was
there, geesh, better kill this rumor before it starts, lol)

Thanks, and 73,
John Henry, KI4JPL
"doing my own thing".

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