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Mon Jan 2 12:17:20 EST 2017

Charles, well I would appreciate receiving a scan of the brochure you
mention here.  I don't have access to the manual, so the scan would
suffice.  Thanks.


On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 9:59 AM, Charles Shaw <chasshaw at leaco.net> wrote:

> Hi,
>         I'm reading from the digest so this info may already have appeared
> on the list by the time you see this.
>         The Ten-Tec Orion (and I suppose the Orion II) was built with a
> feature which was called Panoramic Stereo.  This is NOT the same thing as
> diversity reception which requires two antennas feeding two receivers.
> Pan-Stereo is accomplished by DSP with one receiver using one antenna. I no
> longer have an Orion manual, but I feel certain that this is covered in
> those.  Even if not, there was a three-page brochure  by Doug Smith, KF6DX,
> then at Ten-Tec, titled 'Panoramic Stereo Reception: The New CW
> Advantage'.  He said, "Panoramic stereo is designed for use with
> headphones, but you can still appreciate the effect with loudspeakers." I
> always used it in CW contests.
>         If someone really needs a copy of this, I might be persuaded to
> scan and email it.  But, I think the Orion manuals should suffice.
> 73,
> Charles - N5UL
> Hobbs, NM
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