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No such thing as a bad idea.  But I'll pass on that one.

I have something like 20 email accounts.
I get over 200 emails per day, even though the accounts have SPAM filters.

I am not going to run a business using a GMAIL or HOTMAIL account.
That is about as unprofessional as you can get.

I have two accounts at Spiderbeam.com in Europe, and then two accounts at
Spiderbeam.US in the states.  I do tech support.  Shall I answer customers
through gmail?

Then I have my Aerial-51 where I have even more accounts (i.e. Webmaster,

Oh, I do have a GMAIL account and also a Yahoo mail account.

The middleware function of GMAIL is the pits.  Yahoo is too much in love
with Yahoo.  
Totally inefficient for working with graphics.  Worse than T'bird in that
If I get something there, I just forward it to one of my Msft. accounts,
where I can right click it and move on.

I manage several web sites and move a lot of images around.
I know what works with ease, and what causes delays.
Have never seen an online email client that comes even close to Msft. for
that task.

My question was how does this new Microsoft email client compare to Outlook?

I guess there's not many people using it yet.

Bedtime here guys.
Tnx for all the replies.

Rick, DJ0IP

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Do you really want one?

I have been using gmail web based client for years and it works great. I can
check mail on cell phone, windoz box, or linux box. I receive email from a
number of different addresses. It sorts, puts the spam(coming in from any of
the addresses) in a folder with 30 day automatic expiration. I have my
return email address set to my gatech.edu account.

I used to be paranoid about google. Now I just feed them plenty of BS.
Their photo utility is nice too. Take a photo with the phone and view it
from anywhere without pushing any additional buttons on the phone.

Yahoo web client? The old one is pretty crappy. I have not tried the new
one. I have noticed yahoo groups are a bit snappier since the takeover.

73, -bob ah7i/w4

-do not look into LASER with remaining eye!
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