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Bob McGraw K4TAX rmcgraw at blomand.net
Fri Jul 31 09:51:45 EDT 2020

Further to my earlier, now that I have my manual, notes and coffee in 
front of me, each band has a crystal and series inductor on the XTAL Osc 
& L.O. board, page 4-14 & 4-15 in the manual.    The inductors can be 
tweaked for each band.  These are L12 - L21.

The BFO alignment procedure is on page 4-23 and 4-24.  This alignment 
must be done first and in the order stated in the manual.

I usually allow the radio to be at operating temperature for about an 
hour before starting adjustments.

Just correcting one band or frequency is ill advised as there are many 
inter-related adjustments.


Bob, K4TAX

On 7/31/2020 8:22 AM, Bob McGraw K4TAX wrote:
> I would first check and adjust the BFO oscillators using the procedure as described in the manual.  Then check each band to determine if it is one band or all bands and the amount of error.
> This has to be done with a known accurate frequency counter.
> If all bands then adjust the Master Oscillator to correct the error.   Typically +/- 50 Hz is about as good as one can expect.
> Bob, K4TAX
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>> On Jul 31, 2020, at 7:25 AM, Paul DeWitte <k9ot at yousq.net> wrote:
>> I have an Omni VI+ that displays the incorrect freq readout.
>> My owners manual does not give any indication on how to correct this.
>> Can someone give me the correct way to correct this?
>> An example is if you wanted to be on 7200, you would have to tune to
>> 7200.19 to be on the correct freq.
>> Thanks!
>> 73 Paul K9OT
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