[TenTec] Omni VI Plus Cat control update

Karl Heimbach kheimbach at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 3 13:09:37 EST 2021

First, thank you all for your help.

I had to use a FTDI cable as the PC the Omni VI is connected to has 
three serial ports in the expansion slots and doesn't have room for a 

I played with this radio until 1:20 AM last night and started on it 
again this morning.

I now have flrig working properly and have saved the configuration just 
as I have for my Pegasus, Argonaut V, and Xiegu G90.  From what I can 
tell, Windows and Linux sometimes confuse the two FTDI adapters I have 
plugged in (the second is for a Winkeyer).

Several reboots were needed to get everything sorted out and working 
properly. I suspect that even though the FTDI adapters are identified 
correctly, the operating system is sending instructions to the wrong 
one.  I will  probably have the same issue once I shut the PC down and 
restart it.  I've seen the same problem using a FTDI adapters with the 
Xiegu and Winkeyer.

I did download DXLab Suite and it works fine for now.  I will change 
settings in WSJT-X to allow CAT control via flrig instead of hamlib and 
suspect there will not be an issue until a reboot. N3FJP Amateur Contact 
Log, using the Winkeyer, will not transmit although it sees the Omni VI 
and returns proper data during the polls.

Karl - W5QJ

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