TopBand: t33rd
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:14:52 EST

My xyl had a nightmare and hollered 1 ringer about 11 pm - too early!
Next got call from Wyoming around 0930z. Could hear the whole mob calling
around 1830 and around 1908 khz - searched and finally found t33rd on 1827.2
about s5 but lots of qrn and qsb.  Couldnt tell where they were listening at
first but soon became clear, around 1908 khz.  Thankfully my 2 element array
tunes there as well as 1830 so soon joined the fray.  I think I worked them!
heard w7l but not the full call but the timing was right.  Many many stations
calling, and many tried after a "first qso" - dont blame them, as copy was
really tough.  I asked one of the OK pilot stations if it is possible to post
160 qsos to help us know who really got thru, and to help T33RD reduce dupes
and the pileup - dont know if that is possible though.  The web log pages for
T30R were great - apparently that is not possible for T33RD?  More red eye
tonight?  Hope my xyl sleeps better.  73 Bob W7LR

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