Topband: Preliminary Beverage work

Tom Baugh AE9B
Wed, 25 Jul 2001 05:17:43 -0500

OK Guys Thanks,

It looks like I have some preliminary work to do here. This weekend I'll get
some lengths of coax and some long wire and lay them around in the general
area(s) of where I hope to put up the beverages and note noise in the area.
We are currently getting a storm so I imagine the soil will be wet which
should help these initial tests.
I'll note noise levels at the ground and raise the wire above the ground as
well to see if there'll be any difference. I don't have and pre-amp yet so
this will probably be subjective unless there's some tremendous noise out
there. Anything else I should do while I have the ambition?

Tom Baugh

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