Topband: HB0/DL2OBO QRV from 2. - 7.January 2006 dl2obo at
Sat Dec 31 09:18:01 EST 2005

Hello fellows

First: all the best wishes to you and your families for 2006.

Today I got a call from the lady that owns the 
cottage "Chalt Barsüla" in HB0 and she 
said,  others cancelled their booking and the 
house will be for rent from 2.January.

hey, it took me 2 seconds to say YES. I will come.

Today 31.12.  I am busy with my hotel, we have a 
7 course menue to serve but tomorrow ( after some 
sleep)  I will pack my things to go to HB0.

I will have a K9AY with me as I promised  and 
will have something "vertically" for topband this time.....

Hope to hear you all in 2006.

if you need a sked or whatever the telephone # is      00-423 262 68 54
call anytime you like also in the night. but not 
before 2.Jan 16:00 UTC and not after 7.Jan 12:00 
UTC  because I will be there only in that time in between.
I need some time to get from my operating 
position to the other room where the phone is.....

no internet , no cluster, sorry

FT1000MP, FT897 spare
800w QSK
fullsize verticals for 30+40m
force12    80m vertical   (maybe two and then phased, not sure yet)
toploaded 160m vertical
K9AY !!!
only a multiband vertical for 10-20m. no time for 
my Yagi to built up there. I will spend the 
nights on low bands and sleep the days,hi

73 Tom  DL2OBO

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