Topband: CQ 160m Contest REFLECTIONS

Josh xppq at
Mon Jan 31 13:36:08 EST 2005

Not meaning to be an " elitest ":

Basically the calibur of operators on Top 
Band is HEAD AN SHOULDERS above the
crowd !  What  a great group of Operators
and Antenna Hardware !

I also appreciate all the little stations trying to
complete their WAS awards on Top Band.

The CLICKNESS of the BIG BOYS is Less than
Ever - The BIG GUNS do pursue excellence in
quality of TX signals !!   

The activity level must have been
about 5000 times normal - Boy, was the BAND FULL !!

I salute the MADNESS of Top Banders !!!-
those who choose to come alive during hours of darkness!

So sorry to all  Europeans I could not work for Nevada Multipler -
Just too much stateside RF during this Event !

Josh N7XM     Carson City NV   USA

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