Topband: Inverted-L Spacing Question

Thu Mar 2 12:52:12 EST 2006

This question came up recently in a conversation with
one of the locals. He is considering installing a 160M
inverted-L (wire) along side his 80M vertical (4 inch
irrigation pipe). I'm thinking a spacing of 24 inches
or so for the vertical section of wire would be OK. I
haven't ever played with this configuration so I may
be incorrect. I also remember reading that the
inverted-L should be 3/8 wavelength instead of the
usual 1/4 so when it's open-circuited (when on 80M),
there is minimal interaction. The 80M vertical would
then be open-circuited when on 160M. 

He wants to do this as a summer project. I do have
modeling software but I thought it would be
interesting to see what has worked for others. Any
info appreciated.

73, Stew K3ND

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