Topband: 8R1EA (AH8DX) Wed. Night

ah8dx Craig Maxey ah8dx at
Thu Mar 2 07:39:17 EST 2006

Boy, what a night. Last nights total was 184 cw and very few ssb made it 
into the log. Loudest signal out of Europe was HB9ATA. The wall of stateside 
stations was there and all of a sudden, HB9ATA came over the top of them. It 
took a couple of calls on my behalf to get him in the log. A few F and DL 
made it also, gud job and tnx for lsitening well.

Static crashes from the equator and of course noise makes it very difficult. 
Took a little break from the noise and went to 80 ssb and worked a load of 
guys. Cdx on 160 and 80 seem to be holding up and hope that the weekend 
brings more q's on these two bands.

I worked a ZL at my sunrise but the qsb took him away. At my local sunrise I 
called and called on cw for 45 minutes and no one heard me I guess.

CU guys tonight again.

Craig, AH8DX & 8R1EA

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