Topband: how to set up a Skype receiving beacon

Keith Jillings (G3OIT) g3oit at
Thu Mar 9 05:55:46 EST 2006

Tom Rauch wrote:

> I'm a little concerned about this. I'm not so sure it is a
> good idea.

I share Tom's concern about "cheating", but there are so many ways of 
doing that already - particularly "spotting" on the web - that I think 
the horse has long left the stable.

I've never used "spots" - what I've worked, I've worked by being on the 
right frequency at the right time - usually by luck, sometimes by 
reading or hearing about planned locations and frequencies, or (very 
rarely) by arranging a sked.

I'm a "microscopic pistol" in the scheme of things, these days - I'm the 
last one the DX hears, or more often one of those who never gets heard.
I think the Skype RX beacon is a great idea - because although I can 
HEAR a fair bit on top band, I can't do comparison tests "on air".   I'm 
not allowed more than one outside antenna at a time (and that has to be 

With Skype receiving beacons, I can at least find out if THEY can hear 
ME.   If there were a selection of such receivers in various locations, 
I could do some vaguely meaningful tests to see how things are working.

So - please, more Skype beacons!

To reduce cheating:  put them all on one frequency (but in the band 
where we chase DX).   Pick a frequency where rare DX would be unlikely 
to work.

Because, in the end, if anyone is determined to cheat, that person will 
find a way.   I could imagine an affluent DXer having 
computer-controlled receivers dotted around the globe, for example. 
I'm not sure what satisfaction there would be in that, but hey!

73s all.
Back to lurking mode,

Keith   G3OIT

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