Topband: how to set up a Skype receiving beacon

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at
Thu Mar 9 14:39:38 EST 2006

I can see some utility in having "reverse beacons". I don't really care 
about cheating, as those who would cheat will always find a way. What 
concerns me is QRM, and the following suggestion I find self contradictory.
>  put them all on one frequency (but in the band 
> where we chase DX).   Pick a frequency where rare DX would be unlikely 
> to work.
The "reverse beacon" would be useless on a "bad" frequency (with a MWBC 
carrier harmonic or IMD product) and "good" frequencies are all likely 
to be where we want to work rare DX. This could only be okay if by "in 
the band" you include way up above 1900 kHz, and this would severely 
reduce the utility for comparing TX antenna performance.


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