Topband: how to set up a Skype receiving beacon

Michael Tope W4EF at
Thu Mar 9 10:29:31 EST 2006

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From: "Tom Rauch" <w8ji at>

> When we start having multiple receivers without time delay
> stationed all over the world, the potential for abuse is
> huge. Anyone anywhere can use the Internet to receive
> signals they would normally not copy. What would happen if
> 160 ops everywhere created what really amounts to a single
> frequency DXTuner connection? We might as well toss DXCC and
> everything else the rest of the way down the sewer. Already
> we can move from coast to coast and keep scores, and we
> already have chat rooms and DX clusters that allow people
> who can't hear but transmit well to work DX they would never
> work through radio alone.

Yes, I agree, this is almost as bad as people who move to the 
country where there is no QRN. What challenge is there in that? 
I understand that some of these guys can actually hear the DX they 
are calling all of the time and not just on brief QSB peaks. If we
allow this "cheating" to continue, who knows, these rural renegades
may be emboldened to the point where they feel no shame in putting
up directional receive antennas. We can't allow this to happen. 

Mike, W4EF (disgruntled city dweller).....................

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