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> Hello dear Top Band kiths,
> let me make a short hindsight for just has ended the YJ0ADX top band
> operation. First of all I would like to express my thanks for YJ team
> afford to realize this Dxpedition. When the intention of visiting this
> part of the world was announced and found that Dietmar DL3DXX an
> experienced low band operator takes a share in this team I was hearty
> because this would boost the chance to work a new country on top band for
> me.
> The YJ is very difficult direction for me as hidden behind the auroral
> oval e.g. aimed at 40deg. from my QTH. Fortunately I built denser set of
> my Beverages pool and put between 10deg. and 70 deg. a new 40deg. a 480m
> long one, last year in autumn ( for that time already announced HL guys
> operation from H4 and H40 which is the same direction for me ). So what I
> had to do before YJ operation was, to check the Beverage again what was
> not so easy because on my remote QTH is still 1,5m coat of snow and check
> up both side of antenna took us ( with my friend OK1ADM) almost 3 hours of
> wading into snow up to breast level into snowdrift. / are we HAMs still
> normal people ? / Nevertheless the Beverages was checked and worked
> properly.
> The YJ0ADX operation started and they ran pile very well and produced very
> good signals of low upper bands. They had almost S9 signals on 80mtrs
> every day and came much stronger from my fully vertical dipoles 80m 4SQR
> then from Beverage. From 40deg. Beverage came here very well too. I tested
> reception of them on 80m from Beverages and found that switching from
> directly aimed Beverage (at 40deg.) to next door Beverages ( 10deg and
> 70deg.) their signal almost disappeared but Beverages are designed for
> 160m of course so too long for 80mtrs.
> My main interest was to work them on 160m so I was watching them every
> incidental opening window every day evening.I do not remember what a new
> country on 160m I was tracing so much. But there were just a few openings
> if I can call is so. I heard them several times on their sunrise on a
> noise level what allows me to send a few times my call but not listen any
> answer. One time they were listened here on my sunset quite well but one
> time only they operated on 160m at my sunset. Shortly say conditions were
> against us on both sides. I know that guys made their best to work
> somebody from at least Central EU area but nobody listened to them on top
> band. Outlook of o new bandpoint on 160m for me melted away last day of
> their operation. 
> At the conclusion of my article let me give you but for me mainly result:
> If there are not conditions of propagation do not help us any reception
> system and kilowatts of output to make QSO.
> On the other hand this sort of misfire should inspire us for improvement
> and reforming our antennas systems on Rxing mainly and Txing side too.
> I wish all do not let be frustrated from any bad success and brace our
> energies to go forward in our hobby.
> Good luck
>                 Jarda OK1RD and also my new call OK7XX ( not so bad for
> Dxing )

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