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>>1800-1810 is not part of 160m in MANY countries

Solution 1.
Use countries that allow or will issue special license for the beacons.

Solution 2.
Use 1810 kHz, narrow CW signal should not be impediment, much less than ARRL 
bulletins. (or the CW/SSB "edge" 1840)?

Yuri, K3BU

I received quite a few emails supporting the idea. Lets decide on frequency 
and see if there is any chance of landing it on 1800.5 in different continents. 
Maybe it is also time to synchronize the top band all around the world to 
1800 - 2000. Any reasons left for not to?
Two most important decisions:
1. Frequency
2. Locations with relation to propagation anomalies of 160 
We should consider edges of the continents, North and South (VEL, W4/Carib., 
G3, CT/CN, JA, PI, VA1A, 6) and heavy 160 population edge (W0, OM/UB)

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