Topband: YJ0 frm central EU

Dr .Wolf Ostwald df2py at
Mon Mar 13 01:09:00 EST 2006

Hi reflectees !
The crew at YJ0 put in phenomenal sigs on 80m. I worked them even 15min b4 my local sunset. But 160 was a whole different story. I listened every day and never heard a single beep out of them.
It is easily understood if one knows the path goes over JA from here. On low/marginal condx even the strong JAs are only 1 or 2 dbs above noiselevel. Using the rule of thumb that mediumwave frequency fields thin out with the inverse law of the square of distance, we arrive to the conclusion that they had needed at least 4 more dbs of ERP to make it.More realistic 6 dbs.
But going to an island on small planes carrying tons of aluminum pipes for phased arrays and hefty amps is certainly outruled.
Thanks to Dietmar to give us another very suspending time on topband.    73 de wolf  df2py

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