Topband: Topband YJ

Clive GM3POI gm3poi2 at
Mon Mar 13 06:27:10 EST 2006

    The picture from here to YJ is a lot different to the situation slightly 
farther east as I note that from both SP and OM the angle is 40 plus 
degrees. At my northerly location it is at 12 degrees making a QSO on 160 
really tough. I heard them once in and out of the noise for about 15 minutes 
and starting about 20 minutes before there SR. Signals here on 80 at best 
was 549.
    I am noticing that some Expeditions are sending too fast for the 
prevailing signal levels NOT the case with other recent expeditions, whilst 
we applaud the effort in getting these locations QRV on the low bands please 
guys keep in mind that you at best will be very weak with any Auroral path 
and it's difficult even  to decipher that you are calling a particular 
73 Clive GM3POI 

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