Topband: TopBand Beacons useful!

Ian Keyser ian.keyser at
Wed Mar 15 16:57:27 EST 2006

A/B tests, tests to see relative changes from
> antenna adjustments, etc. are hard to do with DX on 160. For that matter 
> routine
> QSO'ing where one can spend some time with DX isn't a normal activity so a 
> tool
> which enables one to see some objective information

Yes, I agree,especially during the day.   There have been a number of times 
during the last winter that I have wanted signals on the band for tests 
during the day and there's nothing to be heard!

I cannot see the objection to beacons, perhaps I am missing something!    In 
the UK the object of the licence is self training and experimentation.   Dx 
hunting that we enjoy can be considered self training in the art of 
operating, but perhaps even more important is the experimental aspect.   One 
very useful tool for that would be beacons.......

Ian, G3ROO

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