Topband: Testing RX Antennas "Out of Season"

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Using  the expanded AM BCB to test and optimize your 160M receive antenna is 
a  great idea. I used it at HC8N a few years ago (could receive many USA  
stations on the NA Beverage).

A list of expanded AM band  stations:

During the day  one of the "low power AM stations" may be useful in adjusting 
your  antennas.

I suggested the same to Eric direct.  In my case I also use a FT817  QRP rig 
right out at the antenna. In the case of a flag I can rotate it and  validate 
it's azimuthal pattern and check the relative depth of the  nulls.   I also 
use WWV at 2.5 and CHU at 3.33 - one being W and the  other NNW.  The Flags and 
Pennants are of course "wide band" up to 10  meters (and beyond) and the 
directivity and gain not too different at 3 Mhz than  1.8.  The advantage of the 
2.5Mhz WWV from here (NNJ) is that it's skywave  and if I can also hear WWVH it 
helps with understanding a little bit of the  vertical directivity.

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