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Jon Rudy-MCC Asia Peace Resource-Gmail mccapr at
Fri Mar 17 21:53:45 EST 2006

Top banders:

Many of you trying to work me recently know how frustrating it has been to be hearing me with good signals but unable to break through my local noise floor. Given the recent announcement of a 160 version of the SoftRock V6 radio, and at it's economical price, would it be reasonable to think about using it as a remote receiver connected to some kind of VHF/UHF link to my shack?  There is a vacant lot about half a km from me that I may be able to string up a 600ft beverage pointed about 45 degrees.  Not sure how long wire would last there before getting stolen but it may be something to attempt for next season, my last in DU. (out of time for any further improvements this season due to travel schedule).

Does the SoftRock need computer connection to function or does it generate audio on its own and the computer is only for audio detection/processing?  Just thinking out loud. I have told Tony I want a 160 version so perhaps I could even use that with some software to dig your signals out of my noise?


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