Topband: re Short Vertical

telegrapher9 at telegrapher9 at
Tue Nov 7 17:12:18 EST 2006

here are some simulations of your proposed antennas:
The present 70' vertical:Rr = 8.5 ohms
A 130 uH coil at the 60' level: Rr = 18 ohms 
70' tall inverted-L (resonant): = 20 ohms
The cage with top hat and stinger: 8.6 ohms
The inverted-L is the winner with the coil at 60' right behind it. If you have a super good ground system then they will all work about the same. But if you have let's say a 10 ohm ground resistance the inverted-L will beat the present antenna by 3 dB. 
    Dave WX7G
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