Topband: re Need Ideas on 160M Antenna

telegrapher9 at telegrapher9 at
Tue Nov 7 17:31:18 EST 2006

you didn't say how tall your tower is but I will assume it is 70'. A quarter wavelength inverted-L would be great on 160 meters. The radiation resistance is 22 ohms and the pattern is omnidirectional.The wire runs up the side of the grounded tower and is spaced 2'. If this is modeled without the tower then things don't look good on 80 meters. This tower height has a huge effect on 80 meters. Of course the tower could be decoupled but that is another complication. 
To accurately model this situation we need more data on the tower. The height, the width, and what antenna is on top. I can then run models of various antennas for you. Shunt feeding or cage feeding the tower is always and option and those can be modeled too. 
I like your plan of using wire, the tower, and the trees. And I assume you would like to feed the antenna on both bands using coax and run a good tuner in the shack. I think we can come up with something that will do that without too much trouble. 
   Dave WX7G
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