Topband: NOAA Auroral monitor

Dave G4GED daves_shack at
Tue Nov 21 12:17:57 EST 2006

Anyone know if it's possible to view archived data from the on-line NOAA 
Realtime Propagation Monitor?
Today, it shows Auroral activity =1, K=0 and A=0.
We in W. Europe had a very nice rare opening over the N. Pole to KH6 on 80m 
around our SR today. Unfortunately, no one was on from there on 160m at the 
time, altho CA (another northery path) was coming thro' quite well.
Would be interested to see how the historical NOAA data, lines up with known 
previous 160m polar openings.
Tnx in advance
73 Dave 

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