Topband: Beautifull nite on 22.11.2006 in OK land

Petr Ouředník indians at
Thu Nov 23 11:02:12 EST 2006

Hi all,

as the TOP band sounded beautifully on yda nite I am sending some of my comments how readable has been sigs in my location...

- around 21:50U I found 5A7A on 1821.5. Their signal was really big and stable. Pile-up was w/o cops and QSOs came quickly.

- unfortunatelly I heard just few mins CU2/OH2UA with good sigs but when I decided to try to call him he left freq.

- lower on 1811.1 mni ops called ZB2FK and reported him good sigs but no beep in my area, luckily I have QSO from last year so no pb...

- guys from TZ6MF had good sigs but lot of QRM on freq even QSB. I tried to use audio filters KAF in my K2 and surprisingly helped a lot. Sigs was copyable 569 finaly here.

- Very big surprise was for me signal from ST0BB on 1818.1 at 22:20U. He called cq EU with no takers. So I am not sure if it was pirate or so as he even was not spoted in cluster. Came thru 589 solid sigs no QRM. After 10mins he left freq...

- Charles, S9SS had great signal at 23:15U as always. Pile-up was after few mins really strong and mni takers worlwide called him. As QSB jumped sigs down to 559 only I did not called him on yda evenning.

- 9M2AX came thru with unbelieving signal up to 589 on 1831.6 but mni takers tried to catch him. Also there was QSB so sometime was not easy to copy him specialy when somebody called at the same time of replying to other one... At 23:20U sigs sounded more stable but did not peaked higher that 559.

For more info do not hesitate to visit

Well it was nice openning on 160m on yda evenning. I did not make mni QSOs as I operated from fixed QTH where low linear loaded Inv.V for TX, K9FD receiving loop and K2/100 reduced to QRP cause strange TVI have to use.

Mni 73 and cu on TOP band, 
Petr OK1RP

Petr Ouředník
00420608230010 (private)
indians at (Hamradio) (160m)

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